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A ferrofluid (portmanteau of ferromagnetic, and fluid) is a liquid which becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field.

Ferrofluid is produced by Magnet himself in his new Askøy studio. On several songs he invited artists representing different genres than his own, to add another dimension to the music.

From acid jazz rock band Cloroform; Øyvind Storesund (Kaizers Orchestra), Børge Fjordheim (Sivert Høyem-band, Morten Abel) and John Erik Kaada (artist and film music composer). Along with Magnets own distinctive sound, this has become a dynamic, but stylish album that he hopes his fans will love.


  1. Doldrum Days
  2. Sister Sorrow
  3. Bad Blood
  4. Stay – with Hilde Marie Kjersem
  5. Homecoming Queen
  6. Fireflies
  7. Pussyfoot
  8. Nemesis
  9. Together
  10. Reprizer



This and that

Work in progress


  Magnet is currently in studio working on new songs. New album is planned for 2013!   Magnet on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Magnet/126072640763543?ref=hl



Magnet will play Kollenfest 29 June 2012. More info here: http://kollenfest.no/artists/magnet Kollen is Norway’s most visited tourist attraction and one of the world’s most famous sporting arenas. The new Holmenkollen stands…

Bergen Stryk + Magnet


I 2007 var medlemmer av Bergen Stryk med på innspillingen av Magnets “the Simple Life”, en plate som ga ham Spellemannprisen for Beste Mannlige Artist i 2008. Denne kvelden spiller…

Bli en vingevandrer!


(In Norwegian) Nå vil Even Johansen gi andre muligheten til å gjøre det samme som han har gjort. Se regler og følg konkurransen på kjendis.no

Anne Lindmo Show


Magnet appeared on Anne Lindmos new talkshow tonight. He performed a special live version of the song he wrote, honoring his mother who passed away. See the performance HERE and…

Biography & Discography

The past and the present

Magnet is the pseudonym of Norwegian singer-songwriter Even Johansen (born 7 June 1970, Bergen, Norway). To date, he has released five full-length studio albums as well as several singles and EPs. Johansen draws upon many influences, including folk, pop, and electronica. His albums are composed and produced solely by him, and he usually performs live sets on his own, using preset loops or creating.

Even Johansen was born, raised, and resides in Bergen, Norway, but he has also lived just outside the southern Scottish town of Lockerbie, where he recorded his On Your Side album.

Initially, Even was a founding member of the Norwegian rock bands Libido and Chocolate Overdose. During his involvement with Libido, Even conceived a series of songs he thought were inappropriate for the band.

His first solo album, Quiet & Still, was released in 2000 under the alias Magnet (in the US, the album was released under his real name). The name “Magnet” originated from when Even was a child with anemia; he was prescribed a special magnetic tattoo on his left shoulder so it could attract iron.

Magnet’s second album On Your Side was released in June 2003 on Ultimate Dilemma to positive critical acclaim. The album features Magnet’s duet with Irish singer-songwriter Gemma Hayes on a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Lay Lady Lay,” which was later featured in the 2005 film Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Following European and North American tour dates throughout 2003 and 2004, Magnet signed to Atlantic Records for his third album The Tourniquet, which was released in May 2005 to further positive acclaim.

In 2006, he contributed several songs to the soundtrack of the video game Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. His fourth studio album, The Simple Life, followed in March 2007 on the Hermetix Recordings label, an imprint of Sony BMG.

Over the years, Even has toured with Phoenix, Engineers, Zero 7, Isobel Campbell, Gemma Hayes, Ed Harcourt,Stars, and Doves. Even also provided a remix of Doves’ song “The Last Broadcast,” which was featured on the bonus disc of their 2003 B-sides and rarities compilation Lost Sides.

In July, 2011, Magnet released the single “Doldrum Days”. October, 2011, he realeased a cover version of Shakespears Sister 1992 hit single “Stay” feat. Hilde Marie Kjersem.

Magnet released “Ferroluid“ 2. December 2011.

Magnet, MINI & Bose are a perfect fit, both on stage and on the road. We would like to thank MINI for providing wheels and comfort, and for the creative use of space. Bose presents the sound we look for and is well worth checking out. Look for the Magnet MINI countryman near your favourite venue!



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  • 19. Januar

    Bergen, Kvarteret

  • 20. Januar

    Stavanger, Folken

  • 21. Januar

    Oslo, Rockefeller

  • 27. Januar

    Trondheim, Samfundet (storsalen)

  • 29. Februar

    Kristiansand, Østsia

  • 1. Mars

    Stavanger, Sementen

  • 2. Mars

    Stord, Blå Time

  • 3. Mars

    Gjøvik, Fjellhaven

  • 7. Mars

    Skien, Ibsenhuset Sal 2

  • 8. Mars

    Lillestrøm, Martins

  • 10. Mars

    Sandvika, Musikkflekken

  • 11. Mars

    Kolbotn, Kolben

  • 16. Mars

    Bykle, Samfunnshus

  • 17. Mars

    Øystese, Kabuso

  • 29. Juni

    Kollen 29 June!

  • 24. August

    Pereferi festivalen 2012!

    Magnet plays the Pereferi festival 2012!